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There are those in the bodysurfing community who unselfishly devote their time and energy to the preservation and documentation of the sport of bodysurfing. Below are some links to the websites of some of these individuals... much appreciation to these photographers and individuals who continue to perpetuate and chronical our sport… spreading the word both visually to those who would otherwise, never discover the stoke and beauty of bodysurfing... and by bringing the bodysurfing community together in the form of world class contest events.

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The ocean's waves and shapes, along with those who ride them (or would attempt to) are my favorite subjects. I am especially focused on capturing what I like to call "Nature's Performance Art," at California's Wedge, a sometimes extrordinary showplace of wave action. The Wedge segment of the site represents but a small fraction of such images I've photographed and archived over the years. -Ron Romanosky



Northern California Bodysurfing Championships / Santa Cruz Cold Water Classic
Each year In October and April, over seventy-five bodysurfers and two hundred spectators will gather in Santa Cruz, California for 2 days of competition and camaraderie.  Champion bodysurfers from all over California make this contest one of the most challenging and fun events of the year. The Santa Cruz Bodysurfing Association (SCBSA) was formed as a nonprofit organization by a group of local swimmers in 1984.

Manhattan Beach International Surf Festival
The International Bodysurfing Championships is put on by the Gillis Beach Bodysurfing Association in conjunction with the annual International Surf Festival. The event, which is held at the Manhattan Beach Pier, attracts over 100 competitors in all age divisions.

Redwings Memorial  Championships of Handboarding
The annual REDWINGS Memorial World Championships of Handboarding is held at Point Panic on Oahu and features some of Hawaii’s best watermen and women. It is sponsored by CTS Foundation, which is incorporated in the State of Hawaii.





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