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If you or your organization is interested in contributing to the support of this world class event as a Sponsor, please visit www.beachsport.org for more information. You can contact Scott Hubbell at beachsport@mac.com.



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ORGANIZER: Tim Casinelli - castim@cox.net
SPONSORSHIPS: beachsport@mac.com





Global Bodysurfing Discussion Forum
Our hope is to make the Bodysurfing community stronger, more united and better informed on many topics concerning our sport. Some of these topics are:




Events, gatherings, "expression sessions" and how to meet bodysurfers in your area.


Where the waves are breaking and how to get information from other bodysurfers pertaining to their local spots.


How to get involved in contests and who you should speak with.


Information about other bodysurfing breaks for travelers-- valuable knowledge from the local bodysurfers, places to go, hook up for sessions, best spots to bodysurf and so much more.





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