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The 40th Annual World Bodysurfing Championships



 announces the 40th Annual World Bodysurfing Championships to be held adjacent to the Oceanside Pier (dates to be announced). Approximately 350-400 bodysurfers from around the world compete in their respective age divisions for trophies and prizes. The Men and Women's Grand Champions will be crowned on Sunday afternoon, the final day.

The contest is projected to start at 6:30 am each morning with age competition taking place as noted below. WBC reserves reserves the right to change the projected schedule based upon the actual number of applications received.



Contest Schedule:




Click Here for the Heat Schedule


Quarter finals, Semi's and Finals for all age brackets. The Men's and Women's Grand Championship Final will follow the last age group Final.



Heats will last 15 minutes, with at least two contestants per heat advancing to the next round. Wetsuits and fins on the feet are permitted. A detailed listing of the contest rules will be included with confirmation, and is available for download here.


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